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HARIE was created at the end of 1985, receiving authorization on July 11, 1986, pursuant to a Certificate of Authority issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Insurance Department to transact insurance. In understanding HARIE, including its make-up, administration and purpose, it is first important to understand why HARIE was created and the purpose for same. HARIE was created as a direct result of the insurance crisis faced by Public Housing and Redevelopment Authorities (hereinafter “PHAs”) across the Commonwealth in 1985. At that time, PHAs could only procure insurance through various insurance entities at premium rates that were unsustainable for PHAs. Resulting therefrom, a number of Housing Authority Directors from across the Commonwealth, on behalf of their individual Authorities, contributed an initial Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00) investment to create a Reciprocal Indemnification Insurance Exchange which has become HARIE. The foresight and formation of HARIE occurred by and through Mr. Charles Volpe, Sr. HARIE’s goal and Mission Statement was, is and continues to be the providing of low cost, affordable insurance to PHAs and Municipalities across the Commonwealth upon which they can responsibly budget each year.

HARIE is an interindemnification Reciprocal Insurance Exchange established pursuant to the provisions of Section 1001 through 1011 of the Insurance Company Law of 1921 (40 P.S. $ 961 et seq.), for the purpose of permitting its subscribers to exchange certain general liability and indemnity contracts specified in, and permitted under Section 202 (c)(4) of said Insurance Company Law of 1921 (40 P.S. $ 382 (c)(4)), indemnifying each other on the inter-insurance or reciprocal exchange basis, as permitted by Sections 1001 through 1011 of the insurance Company Law of 1921, as amended, (40 P.S. § 961 et seq.). HARIE is not a governmental entity. HARIE is a domestic non-profit exchange. Further evidence of same is the tax exemption HARIE received in July 1989 pursuant to § 115 of the IRS Tax Code because HARIE performs an essential governmental function of providing affordable low cost insurance to PHAs across the Commonwealth. HARIE also received a waiver in February 1989 from the federal bidding requirements of the Annual Contributions Contract and the procurement requirements of 24 CFR § 85.36. Quite simply, HARIE is a private entity no different than any other domestic non-profit exchange.

Essentially, HARIE is a group of unincorporated subscribers, composed presently of PRAs and Municipalities to include all political subdivisions thereof that act as both insureds and insurers. The subscribers maintain no ownership within the Exchange. HARIE itself has no employees. HARIE has a Board of Directors comprised of seven (7) members. By statute, HARIE is managed by an Attorney in Fact. Excalibur, LLC is the appointed Attorney in Fact for HARIE and has been since its creation in July 1986. The President of Excalibur, LLC is Charles J. Volpe, Esq. Included within the management functions provided by the Attorney in Fact for HARIE are all of the essential functions of management of an insurance company.

HARIE initially underwrote PHAs. In approximately 1995, HARIE began underwriting Municipalities to include their political subdivisions such as water authorities, sewer authorities, parking authorities, school districts, etc. HARIE does not and cannot offer insurance to private entities. Their charter covers PHAs and Municipalities. HARIE offers various lines of insurance to include property and casualty coverage, worker’s compensation and various other mono lines.

Lines of Business

  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Comprehensive General Liability
  • Fire
  • Auto
  • Crime

Excalibur Claims Handling Services

Services Provided Include:

  • Cost-Efficient And Dedicated Claims Adjusting Team – Majority With Over 20 Years Experience And Minimal Staff Turnover
  • Four (4) In-House Nurse Case Managers With Over 25 Years Experience
  • Certified Nurse Case Managers Help Create Light-Duty Return To Work Programs
  • Nurse Case Managers Attend Doctors’ Visits To Insure Claimants’ Timely Return To Work
  • Premier Comp Solutions, An A-Plus Rated Medical Repricing Company For Medical Cost Savings Far Beyond Pa Fee Schedule Deductions
  • Alius Health, An A Plus Rated Rx Pharmacy Benefit Manager To Insure Maximum Savings Beyond Pa Fee Schedule
  • Alius Health Opioid Defense Nurse Case Managers Intervention With Prescribing Doctors
  • We Help Insureds’ Create Preferred Provider Panels To Insure

HARIE Membership Benefits

  • Waiver of bidding requirements
  • Comprehensive risk management programs to reduce liability and fire exposure in order to keep rates low
  • Lower overhead costs than commercial carriers through non-profit, tax-exempt status
  • Shared ownership of the Exchange and policy management through a Board of Directors elected by a membership.
  • Direct contact with Exchange management on claims, underwriting and legal questions
  • Expert counsel on safety matters and continuing series of safety seminars When you have a property loss HARIE hires contractors for repairs, saving you staff time and cost


Bolstering HARIE’s financial strength are long standing relationships with well capitalized market leading reinsurers, the majority of which are rated A or better by Demotech. HARIE’s reinsurance program protects all lines of business including Property, General Liability, Auto Liability, Workers’ Compensation and D&O. The reinsurance program safeguards HARIE’s ability to meet their members’ insurance needs and provide prompt claim payments when needed most.

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