As an agent, can I submit an application for a local housing and redevelopment authority account?

HARIE is a direct writer on housing and redevelopment authority accounts. Commissions are not paid on these accounts.

I am a housing authority that has established a limited partnership to secure special funding for certain operations. The new entity has the same board of directors as the housing and redevelopment authority. Am I able to secure insurance for them through HARIE?

As a general rule, for HARIE to consider writing an entity’s insurance, it must:

  • Be able to name the housing or redevelopment authority as the primary insured with any other interests as additional insureds.
  • Be tax exempt under section 115c of the IRS code. HARIE is restricted to writing coverage for governmental entities. In most tax credit developments, some of the partners do not fit these requirements and are outside of HARIE’s scope. The structures of these limited partnerships vary widely. If you believe it may qualify, send a copy of the articles of incorporation listing all partners involved, the structure of the partnership, its purpose, and any other pertinent information to Caryn Czarkowski. You will find her mailing address on the contact page.
Will HARIE write workers’ compensation policies that have volunteer fire class?

No, at this time the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania workers’ compensation fund will take the class as a stand-alone class. The volunteer fire class must be a separate entity with its own tax identification number.

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